Babs Adventures - Storm on the Lake
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Nine-year-old Babs Thompson and her ten-year-old brother James are so excited to be going for a trip on the S.S. Keenora with their mother and grandmother. Departing from Warren’s Landing, they will sail to Winnipeg where they will shop and visit a relative, Grandma’s sister, whom she hasn’t seen in years.

Aboard the S.S. Keenora, they meet and make a friend, a student who is going to residential school. The famous ten day heat wave of 1953 causes many on the ship to suffer from heat exhaustion – but it is nothing compared to what is in store for them on their way home!

Hardcover book with glossy dustjacket suitable for long term use in schools and libraries.

  • Item #: 978-0-9812164-4-7
  • Manufacturer: Goldrock Press
  • Condition: New

Babs Adventures - Storm on the Lake

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