Meet Manitoba Children's Authors
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For the first time ever, a book that will introduce you to the marvelous wealth of children’s book authors right here in the province of Manitoba! A great resource for teachers and parents, Meet Manitoba Children’s Authors has profiles of 37 awesome children’s authors!

Learn how they began their writing careers, what books they personally recommend, and fun facts about each author. Also included are recommended writing exercises, advice for young writers and information about upcoming book releases.

Authors include: France Adams, Rene Ammann, Rae Bridgman, Margaret Buffie, Martha Brooks, Eleanor Chornoboy, Anita Daher, John Danakas, Deborah Delaronde, Edgar Desjarlais, Maureen Fergus, Desiree Gillespie, Gabriele Goldstone, Linda Holeman, Greg Jackson-Davis, Rob Keough, Jake MacDonald, Carol Matas, Joe McLellan, Matrine McLellan, M. D. Meyer, Beatrice Mosionier, Bonnie Murray, Angela Narth, Perrry Nodelman, KC Oliver, Louisa Pixoux, Colleen Sydor, Gwen Smid, Rachelle Pomfrey, Carol Szuminsky, Hannah Taylor, Duncan Thornton, Rita Toews, Helen Toews, Larry Verstraete and Eva Wiseman.


“…Meet Manitoba
Children’s Authors
merits a national audience.” CM Magazine

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Meet Manitoba Children's Authors

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