Northern Writers volume 2
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For those of you who had an opportunity to read, Northern Writers volume 1, you will be delighted to see the return of authors: Dana L. Coates, Brenda Fontaine, Audrey Guiboche
and Flora Rideout. Adding to this outstanding cast of authors is:  Elizabeth Anderson, onna Beyer, Loretta Clarke, Gilbert Fredette, Wendy Gautier, Althea Guiboche, Doug Senio and David Williamson.

Northern Writers volume 2 is once again a wonderfully eclectic display of genres, reflecting
the wealth of diversity found here in the north. Come travel with us as we visit old friends and family, beautiful lakeshores, Cree communities of the past and visions for our future. In these pages, you will find poetry, children’s stories, personal reflection, true life accounts, allegory, pathos and humour.

So pull up a chair, sit back and enjoy another taste of fine Northern writing!


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Northern Writers volume 2

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