Northern Writers volume 3
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Northern Writers: Volume 3 has something to suit every taste with a rich smorgasbord of writing styles and genres all reflecting the wealth of diversity found in the North. Come sit
with us by our campfire beneath the glow of the northern lights as we tell you tales both old and new. 

Contributions to this anthology include: a short story by children’s and young adult author, Dana L. Coates; a poem and artwork by storyteller, Dennis Day; two historical pieces by children’s author and columnist, Brenda Fontaine; a modern day story and one about Wee-sah-ke-chahk from storyteller, M.L. Gamblin; two poems by Marcel Menow; a science fiction story and a poem by novelist, M. D. Meyer; poems by Benjamin Paul; poems and a short story about FASD by Ferrin Towers and poems by David Yerex Williamson.

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  • Manufacturer: Goldrock Press
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Northern Writers volume 3

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