Northern Writers volume 4
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Northern Writers: Volume 4 has something to suit every taste with a rich smorgasbord of writing styles and genres all reflecting the wealth of diversity found in the North.

Contributions to this anthology include reflections by Valerie Brunen; poems by Corrine Clyne; a poem and story by young adult author, Dana L. Coates; a memoir by Florence
a short story by children’s book author, Brenda Fontaine; poems and songs by Gilbert Fredette; a poem and story by Althea Guiboche; a Kawlija story by children’s book author, Audrey Guiboche; a reflection by UCN
instructor, Keith Hyde; some
teachings from Weshkaday Traditional Educational Centre by Susan Johnston; a memoir by Sherry Lynne; poems by Marcel Menow; acrostic poems by Benjamin Paul; a reflection by Doug Senio; a story by Clarence Thordarson; a concrete poem and graphic novel excerpt from Ferrin Towers; and new poetry from author, David Yerex Williamson.

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Northern Writers volume 4

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